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New Year Detox

Start the new year with a detox by using our special offer consultation and free detox kit

Book a one hour consultation, where your full medical history and lifestyle will be recorded along with any present medical conditions and medicines and supplements noted.

The plan will be explained to you and adjusted to take into account your personal circumstances.

You will receive a free kit (worth £20) containing a booklet with all the details and information for the detox routine including a three day nutritional detox and a more extensive 10 day detox diet. Alongside this you will receive all the herbs , ingredients and probiotic to complete the programme.

The Consultation is £50 and the kit comes FREE. You can book any Wednesday at the New Mills clinic from 9am to 7pm online at or phone them on 01663 742282.

For the Stockport clinic on Thursdays (10am till 3pm) or any other information or times please contact me directly on or on 07795 663 930

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