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My Story

With a background in education and a lifelong interest in natural lifestyles and the environment, Richard re-trained 20 years ago as a Medical Herbalist. Further research and training in Naturopathy and nutrition, has given him the background to provide a holistic approach to supporting your health and help you to understand how to achieve a balance that is tailored to you.



Richard has a BSc (Phytotherapy) degree, a herbal qualification through the College of Phytotherapy and the University of East London and a diploma in nutrition, alongside his BEd teaching qualification.He has also done extensive research and development in particular areas of natural health using the best of tradition and modern research.



Alongside his practice, Richard runs his own pharmacy  producing a wide range of natural medication specialising in home grown and wild crafted herbs from the UK. This gives the reassurance to the client of the most potent and wide ranging remedies in the format that suits them best.


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